Why choose WBC

Whole Body Care physiotherapy bridges the gap between the public and private physiotherapist ethos.

Most of the session will be a combination of manual and massage therapy skills put together to relieve you of stiffness, joint pain, nerve pain and to restore full range of functional movement.

This will be combined, where necessary, with an evidence-based and educational approach incorporating specific and tailored home exercise programs. All such exercise programs will be delivered to you with simple and easy to follow instructions. You will not be overloaded with exercises and advice will be given on how to fit the programs into your day. You will also receive education on self-managing recurrent conditions and preventing any further injury.

This NHS ethos will be combined with the calm, comfortable and relaxed environment of private sector therapists. This includes spending more time listening to patient’s concerns and linking treatments with your specific needs.

WBC utilises a more hands-on approach with continually-developed techniques and the fore front of manual therapy – including deep tissue massage, myofascial release and kinesiology taping (see treatments).

All treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual whether it may be relief from pain and joint stiffness, to returning to or continuing with sports and daily activities.