About WBC

Pain therapyWBC Physiotherapy is situated in an occupational health clinic in the centre of Stockport town. It is close to all transport links. All our physiotherapists are both CSP and HPC registered. WBC Physiotherapy aims to make the cutting-edge treatments usually reserved for top sports men and women readily accessible to you.

All the treatment are delivered by a physiotherapist with over a decade of experience in manual therapies, in both the NHS and private sectors. By opening her own practice, she had the autonomy to provide a high quality manual therapy service without heat lamps or lasers etc.

In addition to a BSc Honours degree in Physiotherapy, obtained at Manchester Metropolitan University, she has completed several additional courses that aim to treat the body as a whole, including addressing faulty movement patterns, which treats the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

She has also completed the PHYSIO TRAINING ACADEMY course on kinesiology taping, and is trained in the ANATOMY TRAINS concept by James Earls, which teaches body reading and the hands-on correction of faulty body mechanics.

She attended an Osteopathic technique course for Physiotherapists, to add to her wide range of manual therapy skills.

She set up and continues to provide the physiotherapy service to the Glossop Mountain rescue team.

Please visit our treatments page for more information on what treatments we deliver and how they may help you.