Physiotherapist in Stockport

Whole body care is a physiotherapy and manual therapy clinic dedicated to providing high quality therapy-sessions tailored to your needs. We are based in a caring, relaxed and friendly clinic at 11th Floor Regents House, Heaton Lane, Stockport, SK4 1BS. شعار البايرن Please call or text on 07592738647.

physiotherapy in Manchester


WBC physiotherapy treats the person behind the condition, treating clients from a whole-body perspective to ensure the root cause of pain is addressed, and not just the symptoms. 777casino Read more about us and our qualifications…

Depending on your condition, we can provide treatments currently utilised by top athletes and sports people such as K-taping and myofascial release to relieve you of muscle, joint, neck and back pains. رياضة يورو 2023 Read more about the conditions we can treat…

Physiotherapy in Manchester

physiotherapy in Stockport